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Choral masterpieces of the English RenaissanceCRD 5007

compact disc CRD 5007 : Choral masterpieces of the English Renaissance :

CD 1   [CRD3372]   John Taverner & Thomas Tallis
John Taverner The Western Wind Mass · Mater Christi
Thomas Tallis Sancte Deus · Audivi vocem de caelo · Honor, virtus et potestas · O sacrum convivium · Salvator mundi

CD 2   [CRD3405]   Christopher Tye
The Western Wind Mass · My trust, O Lord, in thee is grounded · Christ rising again from the dead · Omnes gentes plaudite manibus · Peccavimus cum patribus

CD 3   [CRD3429]   Thomas Tallis
Dum transisset Sabbatum · In ieunio et fletu · Derelinquat impius · Magnificat and Nunc dimittis · Candidi facti sunt · Salvator mundi, salva nos · Absterge, Domine · Gaude gloriosa

CD 4   [CRD3451]   Orlando Gibbons
Te Deum (Second Service) · O Lord, in thy Wrath rebuke me not · Jubilate Deo (Second Service) · Fantazia of foure parts (organ) · O God, the King of Glory · Glorious and Powerful God · Magnificat (Second Service) · A Fancy in A re (organ) · Nunc dimittis (Second Service) · Sing unto The Lord · A Fancy for a double Orgaine (organ) · O clap your hands together · See, see the Word is incarnate

CD 5   [CRD3467]   Thomas Tomkins
Te Deum (Third Service) · In nomine (28 June 1652) (organ) · Jubilate (Third Service) · In nomine (May, 1648) (organ) · Magnificat (Third Service) · Voluntary in G (organ) · Nunc dimittis (Third Service) · Voluntary in C (organ) · Know you not · Voluntary in A (organ) · O Lord, let me know mine end · Oh, that the salvation

The Choir of New College Oxford
Directed by Edward Higginbottom

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