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Classical music can hugely improve wellbeing. It can set the tone for your day, help you relax when the day’s tasks are done, as well as bring energy and joy.

At CRD, whilst continuing to celebrate the art form and excavate the rich stories of both well- and lesser-known classical works, we have begun working with younger listeners to understand the role classical music can play for them. Our aim is to enable all of us in the ‘business’ of classical music to gain a better understanding of how we can meaningfully connect younger listeners to the music we know and love.

Gina has been working with us as part of the iKeep (Intrapreneurial Knowledge Exchange Enterprise Pathway) programme run by a consortium of universities in the South West of England.  She has pulled together a ‘start the day with classical’ playlist of 30 minutes to accompany morning activities which, importantly, showcases both composers who have long been part of the classical canon (Vivaldi and Schubert) alongside composers whose music was long overlooked (Loeillet, Hayes and Suk). Over to Gina:

Vivaldi’s Concerto In C Major RV180 can wake your brain up better than your alarm: the vibrant and sparkling violin sound makes you feel as if you are walking through a picturesque  and lovely garden. So, no more snoozing, just get up and move to the bathroom!

When you are freshening up, you can’t help but nod (or brush?!) along with the irregular yet the soothing rhythm of the Piano Trio No.1 in B flat Op.99by Schubert. It is always delightful to vibe with such an uplifting piece. Once the Three Marches Militaires D. 733 No.2 in G Major has started, it is time to “march” to the kitchen and prepare your scrumptious breakfast. Yes, we know, whenever the piano staccato echos with the sizzling sound of sausages, it is impossible not to feel more famished!

But, brewing your breakfast tea, and doing some quick morning stretches while listening to fairytale-like Trio Sonata No. 7 in E Minor, Op. 3: Allegro (I) and (II)will definitely make you feel more energetic. And you will be ready for breakfast if you move your body with the uptempo Fall of Jericho: (II) Allegro.

Now time to enjoy your delectable cuisine with such a melodious and warm Ave Maria!

Then, at the end, the soft and gentle Barcarolle will be a blessing for you to start a gorgeous day!

To listen on Spotify, head here.

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