Selection of calm and dreamy tracks from CRD

Selection of upbeat tracks from CRD

Capturing the music of autumn with its mix of reflection, hope and representations of the dying down of one season in preparation of the next.

A playlist of romantic, summer-tinted classical music to set your thoughts free. Soak up some sunshine with the revitalising accompaniment of summer classics from CRD, a survey of music through the ages seeking to capture the essence of the summer season, including hazy days of love.

Start the day with classical music.

A pre-work and pre-study playlist to set the right tone for your day. All curated from the CRD catalogue.

An uplifting playlist looking beyond stormy weather. The perfect music for the pluviophile.

Relax and revitalise with classical tracks offering a form of musical consolation, including world premiere recordings of fresh arrangements of Liszt's 'Consolations' all curated from the CRD catalogue

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