Antonio Soler: Harpsichord Sonatas

“Soler’s keyboard sonatas have until now fared badly in the catalogues, at least on the harpsichord, almost nothing so far recorded being really recommendable; so a disc as excellent as this (down to the notes by RG) is all the more welcome… what emerges still more strongly in the compelling vitality of Virginia Black’s performances is the sheer zest of Soler’s keyboard writing. Playing on a beautiful-sounding copy by Andrew Garlick of a Goujon harpsichord, Virginia Black gives intense pleasure not only by her vivacity but by her subtle shaping of phrases in the slower sonatas, with flexibility never in danger of becoming shapeless. A delightful disc; and please, Miss Black, there are over 100 more Soler sonatas still unrecorded …” – Lionel Salter Gramophone

1. Sonata R84 in D major
2. Sonata R117 in D minor
3. Sonata R47 in C minor
4. Sonata R43 in G major
5. R100 in C minor
6. Sonata R39 in D minor
7. R81 in G minor
8. Sonata R74 in D major
9. Sonata R78 in F sharp minor
10. Sonata R90 in F sharp major
11. Sonata R21 in C sharp minor
12. Sonata R77 in F sharp minor
13. Sonata R10 in B minor

ArtistVirginia Black – harpsichord
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