C16th English Harpsichord and Virginals Music

“This is one of the most stimulating discs of Elizabethan keyboard music that I have heard, and if music-lovers don’t go for it in a big way they don’t deserve to have such delights on offer”. L.S. – Gramophone – Critic’s Choice Year’s Best Records.

1. Harpsichord / William Byrd: Watkins Ale, Lavolta, Lord Willoughby’s Welcome Home, The Carmans Whistle
2. Virginals / Anon., Tallis: My Lady Carey’s Dompe, O Ye Tender Babes
3. Harpsichord / Gibbons: The Woods So Wild, The Fairest Nymph, The Lord of Salisbury
4. Harpsichord / Bull: The King’s Hunt, My Grief, My Self
5. Virginals / Downland: Lachrimae and Galliard,Can She Excuse
6. Harpsichord / Farnaby: Muscadin, Loath to Depart
7. Harpshichord / Tomkins: Barafostus’ Dream

ArtistTrevor Pinnock – harpsichord & virginals
AwardsGramophone – Critic’s Choice Year’s Best Records.
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