A Choice Collection of Lessons and Ayres (1663-1756) – Music for Harpsichord

“Agreeable music; appealing and stylish playing; an attractive-sounding instrument, clean recording: what more could one reasonably ask?”

L.S. – Gramophone

1. Thomas Gibbs: From Musicks Handmaind: The Grange / The Lord Moncks March / Gerard’s

2. Mathew Locke: Suite No 4 in D Major, from Melothesia: Prelude / Almain / Corrant / Saraband / Rant

3. Purcell: From the second part of Muicks Handmaid: A new Irish Tune / [Ground : Succo pur]

4. Purcell: Suite No 2 in C minor from A choice collection of lessons for the Harpsichord or Spinnet: Prelude: (Almand) / Corant / Saraband

5. Blow: (Mortlacks Ground) from the second part of Musicks Handmaid

6. Greene: Overture in D major from Six Overtures for the Harpsichord or Spinnet: Allegro / Andante / Presto

7. Arne: Sonata No. 6 in G, from 8 sonatas or lessons for The Harpsichord: Affetuoso (G minor) / Presto (G major)

8. Nares: Lesson No. 2 in D major from Eight Setts of Lessons for the Harpsichor: Allegro: Larghetto: Allegro: Jigg – Presto

Various Composers: Sonata No. 6 in A major from 12 sonate die Gravicembalo: Vivace: Allegro

ArtistTrevor Pinnock – harpsichord & virginals
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