Consolations: Liszt Six Consolations and other reflective pieces for violin and piano

The album completes Liszt’s six Consolations with new transcriptions by Maya Magub to complement the famous ‘Lento Placido’ arranged by Nathan Milstein. With extraordinary key and mood contrasts, each piece now sits within the whole, as Liszt intended. Milstein’s transcription, in the middle of the set, is now framed as in Liszt’s original, to greater emotional impact. These works move from profound simplicity to virtuosic turbulence and wistful charm.

Complementing the set of ‘Consolations’, Magub and Huang bring together other well-known reflective musical gems to offer consolation of some form. Many of their choices were inspired by audience favourites from performances for UK-based charity Everyone Matters, which funds life-enriching concerts in care homes and hospices. When combined, the emotional weight of these pieces is  even greater. The performers, too, drew great consolation from their programme and the ability to communicate with an audience despite the creative restrictions of pandemic lockdowns.

Magub and Huang recorded the album separately in lockdown, with much creative dialogue and experimentation between them. New possibilities afforded by the necessity of recording separately encouraged musical freedom and risk-taking, as well as the opportunity to create the immediacy of a small, intimate concert through close microphone placement. Out of this process emerges a true collaboration and an album which Magub and Huang hope will bring consolation to many people.

1. Schumann, Abendlied, Op. 85 No. 12
2. Massenet, Méditation: Thaïs
3. Rachmaninov, Vocalise, Op. 34 No. 14

Liszt Consolations S.172/R.12

4. No.1 – Andante con moto *
5. No.2 – Un poco più mosso *
6. No.3 – Lento placido
7. No.4 – Quasi Adagio *
8. No.5 – Andantino *
9. No.6 – Allegro sempre cantabile *

10. J.S. Bach (arr. Gounod), Ave Maria
11. Kreisler Liebesleid
12. Rimsky-Korsakov (arr. Kreisler), Chant Hindou: Sadko
13. Paradis (arr. Duskhin), Sicilienne
14. Handel, Largo: Xerxes
15. Mendelssohn, On Wings of Song, Op. 34 No. 2
16. Mendelssohn, Song without Words, Op. 19 No. 1
17. Schumann, Träumerei, Op. 15 No. 7
18. Chopin, Raindrop Prelude, Op. 28 No. 15


*transcribed: Maya Magub. World premiere recordings

Reviews"the superb violinist Maya Magub"

"flawless ensemble work" "Exquisitely produced and insightfully annotated" "elegantly unassuming and perfectly calibrated performance by two exceptional artists."

'...contemplative, there are unlimited opportunities to savour the splendour of Magub's sighing tone and her assured handling of vibrato, phrasing, and dynamics. The hushed performances by the two entrance every step of the way and yield many satisfactions... A comment made by International Record Review in 2013 about Magub's solo recording of the Telemann Fantasias (also on CRD)—“Defined by great bowing delicacy and subtle use of vibrato, these performances are full of colour and vitality”—applies as easily to the latest one when her engagement with the material is as complete as it is on that earlier set." – Textura

'...Franz Liszt’s “Consolations” unfolds across 6 segments of poetic, expressive musicianship that’s a bit hypnotic...“Raindrop’ Prelude exits the listen with a very sublime interpretation of Frederic Chopin’s vision... Although there are no words sung here, Magub expresses much with her artistic approach, and by turning to music for solace during the lockdowns she’s created a timeless body of work...' – Take Effect

‘They [Liszt transcriptions] come off beautifully... The Gounod ‘shimmers on its repeat’ Performance **** | Sonics ***** – Stereophile

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