Domenico Scarlatti: Harpsichord Sonatas

“Beautiful CD of harpsichord pieces. It is wonderful to hear Scarlatti played in the original instrument for which these pieces were written.”- Eddie Nguyen “Lovely music, and really well played on the harpsichord, which I personally prefer for these sonatas”-Anonymous

1. Sonata Kk113 in A major
2. Sonata Kk380 in E major
3. Sonata Kk381 in E major
4. Sonata Kk213 in D minor
5. Sonata Kk119 in D major
6. Sonata Kk120 in D minor
7. Sonata Kk501 in C major
8. Sonata Kk502 in C major
9. Sonata Kk466 in F minor
10. Sonata Kk146 in G major
11. Sonata Kk318 in F# major
12. Sonata Kk24 in A major

ArtistVirginia Black – harpsichord
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