Domenico Scarlatti: Keyboard Sonatas

“I’ve always loved the music of Scarlatti for its total originality, the brilliance of the rhythms and his inventive genius, all combining to make his compositions a pleasure to perform. Out of the more than 500 sonatas he composed, I have chosen 12 of my favourite works to play on this CD. I think that they vividly demonstrate the breadth of Scarlatti’s ambitions and talents.” Virginia Black

1. Sonata in C major K159
2. Sonata in G major K124
3. Sonata in C major K132
4. Sonata in D major K492
5. Sonata in B minor K27
6. Sonata in B minor K87
7. Sonata in C major K461
8. Sonata in D minor K401
9. Sonata in G major K260
10. Sonata in A major K114
11. Sonata in A major K208
12. Sonata in G major K427

ArtistVirginia Black - piano
Reviews"Black's bouyant rhythms convey what Ralph Kirkpatrick described as 'the wiry tension of Spanish dance', and, throughout, her passion for this music shines through." BBC Music Magazine
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