Dreams and Fancies: 24 Favourite Songs in English

“a thoughtfully planned and entirely delightful programme” – Gramophone

John Ireland
1. If there were dreams to sell (Thomas Lovall Beddoes)
Frederick Delius
2. Twilight fancies (B. Bjornson)
Armstrong Gibbs
3. Silver (Walter de la Mare)
4. Five Eyes (Walter de la Mare)
Ralph Vaughan Williams
5. Silent Moon (Dante Gabriel Rossetti)
6. The Water Mill (Fredegond Shove)
Peter Warlock
7. The Fox (Bruce Blunt)
8. Jillian of Berry (Anon)
Sir Arthur Sullivan
9. Orpheus with his lute (Shakespeare)
Herbert Howells
10. King David (Walter de la Mare)
11. Gavotte (Sir Henry Newbolt)
12. Come Sing and Dance (Old Carol)
Peter Warlock
13. The First Mercy (Bruce Blunt)
Michael Head
14. The little road to Bethlehem (Margaret Rose)
Sir Charles Stanford
15. The Monkey’s Carol (M. W. Letts)
Frank Bridge
16. Isobel (Digby Goddard-Fenwick)
Rebecca Clarke
17. The Seal Man (John Masefield)
18. The Aspidistra (Rebecca Clarke)
Havelock Nelson
19. Dirt Work (John o’ the North)
Lee Hoiby
20. Jabberwocky (Lewis Carroll)
Roger Quilter
21. Now sleeps the crimson petal (Tennyson)
Ivor Gurney
22. Sleep (John Fletcher)
Peter Warlock
23. The Night (Hilaire Belloc)
Thomas Dunhill
24. The Cloths of Heaven (W. B Yeats)

ArtistSarah Walker – mezzo soprano Roger Vignoles – piano
Reviews"Sarah Walker is the ideal singer to act as the good companion on such a musical ramble. She always sings sense: or rather, her singing seems to start from the premise that people are to be sung to and not at, and that the right and natural approach to such songs as these is to assume that they involve sensible words for sensible people." Gramophone
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