Elite Syncopations

Elite Syncopations
A Ballet Choreographed by Kenneth Macmillan

1. Scott Joplin, Scott Hayden: Sunflower Slow Drag
2. Scott Joplin: Elite Syncopations
3. Scott Joplin: The Cascades
4. Paul Pratt: Hot House Rag
5. James Scott: Calliope Rag
6. Joseph F. Lamb: Ragtime Nightingale
7. Max Morath, Scott Joplin: The Golden Hours
8. Joseph F. Lamb: The Alaskan Rag
9. Scott Joplin: Bethena (A Concert Waltz)
10. Donald Ashwander: Friday Night
11. Robert Hampton: Cataract Rag
12. Scott Joplin: Augustan Club
13. Scott Joplin: Pleasant Moments – ‘Ragtime Waltz’
14. Scott Joplin: Antoinette

ArtistThe Orchestra of The Royal Ballet
Reviews"This disc is valuable for letting us hear some of the ragtime music of Joplin’s contemporaries most of which remains almost totally unknown. We hear too some later exponents of the ragtime style, in the shape of by Donald Ashwander and Max Morath, both of whom would have been alive at the time of these recordings and the latter of whom is still with us (and made valuable recordings of ragtime seemingly as late as the 1990s)." Paul Corfield Godfre, musicweb-international.com “This disc perfectly captures the vivacity of the music – the best orchestral versions of Joplin you are ever likely to hear. The recording is beautifully clear and crisp” David Denton, Records and Recordings. "Listening to this recording is like meeting an old friend after many years absence. Everything - warts and all - is warmly and affectionately familiar." Nick Barnard, musicweb-international.com
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