Francisco Valls: Missa Scala Aretina

Little is known of Francisco Valls prior to his appointment in 1696, as joint chapelmaster at Barcelona Cathedral. The award of such an important and lucrative post shows that Valls already enjoyed a considerable reputation. The Mass ‘Scala Aretina’ was first performed in 1702, and was something of a cause célèbre in its day, as it contradicted the then acceptable rules of harmony. The original full score is lost, and the parts survive in one set only. The first performance in modern times was by the artists featured on this CD at the Barcelona International Music Festival in October 1978.

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1. Scala Aretina: Kyrie
2. Scala Aretina: Gloria
3. Scala Aretina: Credo
4. Scala Aretina: Sanctus
5. Scala Aretina: Agnus Dei

ArtistThe London Oratory Choir Thames Chamber Orchestra Directed by John Hoban
Reviews“Lively and sympathetic performance of a decidedly colourful work. The London Oratory Choir produces just the right degree of grainy sound. It’s thoroughly alive and the score well worth recording. No lover of baroque choral music should miss this.” N.A, The Gramophone – MTA Award Winner
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