Jean-Philippe Rameau: Complete Works for Harpsichord

“This, the last set, completes what is easily the most successful recording of Rameau’s solo harpsichord works”. Ruth Hall

Sunday Times ‘Pick of the Month’

Suite in A minor (1706)
1. Prelude – Allemande I.
2. Allemande II – Courante
3. Gigue
4. Sarabande I – Sarabande II – Vénitienne
5. Gavotte – Menuet

Suite in E minor (1724)
6. Allemande
7. Courante
8. Gigues en Rondeaux I & II
9. Le Rappel des Oiseaux
10. Rigaudons I & II
11. Musette en Rondeau
12. Tambourin
13. La Villageoise

Suite in D minor/major (1724)
14. Les Tendres Plaintes
15. Les Niais de Sologne
16. Les Soupirs
17. La Joyeuse – La Follette
18. L’Entretien des Muses
19. Les Tourbillons
20. Les Cyclops
21. Le Lardon – La Boiteuse

Suite in A minor (1728)

1. Allemande
2. Courante
3. Sarabande
4. Les Trois Mains
5. Gavotte et Doubles
6. la Triomphante
7. Gavotte et Doubles

Suite in G major/minor (c.1728)
8. Les Tricotets
9. L’Indifférente
10. La Poule
11. Menuet – Menuet II
12. Les Triolets
13. Les Triolets
14. L’Enharmonique
15. L’Egyptienne

Pièces en Concerts (1741) (Tracks 16-20)

21. La Dauphine (1747)

ArtistTrevor Pinnock – harpsichord
Reviews"The playing of Trevor Pinnock is well measured and assured throughout. He is an ideal exponent of the gallant style of French harpsichord playing and his virtuosity shines through... this for me is the finest recording of the complete harpsichord pieces." – Stuart Sillitoe, “I like the unequal temperament tuning and superb timbre of the Clayson and Garrett instrument, the magnificent recording; and last but not least, Trevor Pinnock’s playing which is as persuasive as it is scholarly.” – Felix Aprahamian, BBC Record Review
Awards / RecommendationsSunday Times, Pick of the Month
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