Medieval Songs and Dances

“Most, if not all, of the pieces presented here will be familiar to lovers of early music. They appeared on a number of discs since the release of these CRD discs. These are nevertheless very good recordings of the works, fresh and full of vitality and conviction. The performance style is generally fairly rude and rustic, which of course suits the music perfectly. The performers bring out well the various moods of the works, from raucous and celebratory through to tender and beautiful.” Em Marshall-Luck, MusicWeb

1. Anon, Italy C14th: Lamento di Tristano
2. Perrin d’Agincourt: Quant voi en la fin d’este
3. Anon, France late C12th: Pastourelle: L’autrier m’iere levaz
4. Anon, France C13th: Estampie real
5. Anon, England late C13th: Edi beo thu hevene quene
6. Anon, England early C13th: Eyns ne soy ke pleynte fu
7. Anon, France C13th: Estampie real
8. Anon, France C13th: Estampie real
9. Alfonso el Sabio (attr.): Cantiga 207 – Se ome fezer de grado
10. Alfonso el Sabio (attr.):Cantiga 29 – Nas mentes sempre teer
11. Anon, France C13th: Estampie real
12. Alfonso el Sabio (attr.): Cantiga 166 – Como poden per sas culpas
13. Alfonso el Sabio (attr.): Cantiga 139 – Maravillosos et piadosos
14. Anon, Italy C14th: Tre fontane

ArtistSt George's Canzona – directed by John Sotchott
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