Trevor Pinnock at The Victoria and Albert Museum (Music for Harpsichord)

Trevor Pinnock at the Victoria & Albert Museum. Works performed on Queen Elizabeth’s Virginals (1-3), Ham House Harpsichord (4-5) & English Kirckman Harpsichord (6-7)

1. Anon.: My Lady Wynkfylds Rownde
2. Byrd: The Queenes Alman
3. Byrd: The Bells
4. Handel: Suite No. 5 in E
5. Arne: Suite No. 3 in C minor
6: Arne: Sonata No.3 in G 7:Sonata in C minor Op. 5, No. 6

7. J C Bach, Sonata In C Minor Op. 5 No. 6 (English

artistTrevor Pinnock

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