Music from the Spanish Kingdoms circa 1500

Spanish and Neapolitan music from the time of the Renaissance.

Nancy Hadden directs Circa 1500 in fifteenth- and sixteenth-century vocal and instrumental music from the Spanish Kingdoms (Spain, Italy and the Netherlands). The repertoire is mostly secular by familiar and less familiar composers (del Ecina, Hernandez and Josquin for example) and performed on original instruments. Full translations of texts are included.

1. Encina: Hoy comamos y bebamos: Juan del Encina
2. anon.: Tres morillas enamoran: anon
3. Alonso Hernandez: Tres moricas me enamoran: Alfonso Hernandez
4. anon.: Gagliarda, mi racomand
5. anon.: Gagliarda, lombarda
6. anon.: Gagliarda, el tu tu
7. Willaert: Vecchie letrose
8. Cara: Liber fui un tempo in foco
9. Canova da Milano: La spagna
10. Tromboncino: Come haro donque ardire
11. Mudarra: Tiento para harpa
12. Vasquez, J: En la fuente de un rose
13. Josquin: Lle fantazies de joskin
14. Compère: Scaramella
15. Juhannes Martini: Fuge la morte
16. Encina: Entra mayo
17. anon.: Gentil dame
18. Encina: Mas vale trocar
19. Encina: Ay triste que vengo
20. anon.: Si habeis dicho, marido
21. Ortiz, D: Ricercar
22. Ortiz, D: O felici occhi mie
23. Giovan Tomas de Maio: O trezze bionde
24. Miguel Fuenllana: Fantasia sexta
25. anon.: Sagaleja del casar
26. Ortiz, D: Passamezzo moderno
27. Martini, Johannes: Cayphas
28. Giovan Tomas di Maio: Tutte le vecchie son maleciose
29. Alonso Hernandez: La tricotea
30. Encina: Si habra en este baldres

ArtistCirca 1500 – directed by Nancy Hadden
Reviews"For people who enjoy early music, in this case music of the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, this reissued CRD album, Music from the Spanish Kingdoms, with the early-music ensemble Circa 1500, is hard to beat. I don’t usually care for programs made up of bits and pieces of music, but this one strikes me as so well played, so well recorded, and so infectiously spirited, it’s hard to resist. Prepare for an hour of truly old-fashioned music making, like four-hundred-year-old music... the performance... come filled with joy, and the sound quality is excellent."
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