New Fashions, Cries and Ballades of London

New Fashions – Cries & Ballads of London was recorded in 1991, and features Red Byrd and Circa 1500 directed by Nancy Hadden. It opens with Thomas Ravenscroft’s New Oysters, here in an atmospheric and vivid rendition, especially given the effect produced: the artists, from a very distant and quiet beginning, approach closer to the microphone. The same work concludes the disc, appropriately enough with the performers walking away from the microphone and fading into the distance.

1. Thomas Ravenscroft: New Oysters
2. John Dowland, Fine Knacks For Ladies
3. Anon: Nutmegs And Ginger
4. Anon: Grimstock
5. Anthony Holboprne: The Voyce Of The Ghost
6. Clement Woodcock: Browning My Dear
7. Christopher Tye: In Nomine ‘Crye’
8. Thomas Weelkes: Cries Of London
9. Anon: Greensleeves
10. Thomas Ford: Cate Of Bardy
11. Thomas Ravenscroft: Three Blind Mice
12. Thomas Ravenscroft: Three Country Dances In One
13. Thomas Ravenscroft: Well Fare The Nightingale
14. Thomas Ravenscroft: Come Follow Me
15. Thomas Ravenscroft: Browning
16. Alfonso Ferrabosco: Pavin For Three Lyra Viols
17. John Coperario: Almaine For Three Lyra Viols
18. Jacob Van Eyck: Engels Nachtigaeltje
19. Anthony Holborne: The Queens Almaine / Old Almaine
20. Anon: Sellingers Rownde
21. William Cobbold: New Fashions
22. Thomas Ravenscroft: New Oysters

ArtistDirected by Nancy Hadden
Reviews"The pieces by the likes of Ravenscroft, Anthony Holborne, Christopher Tye and Thomas Weelkes are very well-performed indeed and together form an excellent disc. It is a good combination of the more raucous street cries, or works based thereon, and more refined and elegant music for viols. " Em Marshall-Luck, MusicWeb
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