Nikolai Medtner: Piano Music Volume 3

“There is a lifetime’s study, reflection and poetic expression in these recordings. Hamish Milne has made Medtner part of the core of his life’s work and this is clearly evident in what we hear.” Rob Barnett,

1. Sonata in G minor, Op.22: Sonata in G minor, Op.22

Romantic Sketches for the Young Op. 54

Book 1
2. Prelude – Pastorale
3. Skazka – Bird’s Tale

Book 2
4. Prelude – Hymn
5. Skazka – The Beggar

Two Skazki, Op.8
6. No.1 in C minor
7. No.2 in C minor

Three Novelles, Op.17
8. No.1 in G major
9. No.2 in C minor
10. No.3 in E major

11. Sonata in A minor, Op.30: Sonata in A minor, Op.30

ArtistHamish Milne – piano
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