Orlande de Lassus: Mass ‘Tous les Regretz’ & Motets

Orlande de Lassus (1532-1594) is unjustly forgotten: he was one of the best known composers of the sixteenth century and, along with Palestrina, the most important composer of the Renaissance Franco-Flemish school. Indeed, Renaissance polyphony would be impossible without the presence of Lassus.

From 1563 until his death in 1594, Lassus was Kappelmeister Duke of Bavaria, where he led one of the best ensembles in Europe. He excelled in different genres: French chanson, the Italian madrigal, the motet and mass. Serving Ferrante Gonzaga, Lassus traveled to Flanders and Italy to search for the best singers and instrumentalists to form the ensemble of the court.

1. Aurora Lucis Rutilat
2. Tristis est Anima mea

Mass, Tous les regretz
3. Kyrie
4. Gloria

5. Ave Verum Corpus
6. Surgens Jesus

Mass, Tous les regretz

7. Credo

8. Timor et Tremor
9. Domine Convertere

Mass, Tous les regretz
10. Sanctus
11. Benedictus
12. Agnus Dei

13. Salve Regina

14. Veni Creator

ArtistThe Choir of New College Oxford – directed by Edward Higginbottom
Reviews"The excellent vocals of The Choir of New College Oxford, led by organist, conductor and composer Edward Higginbottom, made a trip to the bowels of counterpoint of Lassus and his clear expression favor an appropriate atmosphere of contemplation and quietism. It is a luxury to work polyphonic motets of Lassus with Higginbottom. The admirable British director always finds opportunities to enhance the beauty." – Sonograma Magazine
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