Piano 3

The brilliant Iwo and Karolina bring accordion and violin together and invite you to join them on an reimagined history of classical music which is Imagique – a little word play they came up with by combining ‘imagine’ and ‘magic’ to capture the emotions behind their debut album with CRD and what they champion as modern classical musicians.

The unique combination of the accordion and violin and reworks of classical repertoire spanning 300 years affords us a sneak peek of how the history of music could have unfolded if these great composers had had at their disposal the accordion in its current concert form. There is nothing that this combination of instruments is incapable of doing, and, who knows, maybe Mozart would have been as fond of pairing the violin with the accordion as he was with piano; perhaps Ravel would have taken impressionism to yet another level with this portable orchestra of a duo?

  1. Ashmansworth Bells
  2. The Trees Have Ears and the Fields Have Eyes
  3. Twig, Leaf, Flint, Thorn
  4. Dry Wood and Kind Light
  5. Haar
  6. I’r Bryn
  7. Falcon Yard
  8. A Magic of Strange Welcome
  9. Aestune (Skylark Plateau)
  10. The Drift
  11. Rayleigh Scattering
  12. Orcop Haiku
  13. The Coast of Evening
  14. Little Owl, Armada Avenue

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