The Queen’s Men

Music from the court of Elizabeth I, ‘The Queen’s Men’: Earl of Essex, Anthony Holborne, Sir Walter Raleigh, Sir John Souch, Sir Thomas Monson, Sir Philip Sidney.

“All the performances are first class – this is a most enjoyable recording.” Colin Evans – Hi-Fi News and Record Review

1. anon.: Earl of Essex: Sweet England’s Pride is gone
2. Dowland: Earl of Essex: Earl of Essex Galliard
3. Daniel Batchelor: Earl of Essex: To Plead My Faith
4. Dowland: Earl of Essex: It was time when silly bees
5. Holborne: Countess of Penibrook’s Paradise
6. Holborne: Farewell Galliard
7. Byrd: Sir Walter Raleigh: Farewell False Love
8. Cutting: Sir Walter Raleigh: Raleigh’s Galliard
9. Gibbons, O: Sir Walter Raleigh: What is our life?
10. anon.: Sir John Souch: Souch’s March
11. Dowland: Sir John Souch: Time Stands Still
12. Dowland: Sir John Souch His Galiard
13. Dowland: Sir Thomas Monson: When Laura Smiles
14. anon.: Sir Thomas Monson: Monson’s Galliard
15. Byrd: Sir Philip Sidney: Come to me grief for ever
16. Bateson: Sir Philip Sidney: The Nightingale
17. Byrd: Sir Philip Sidney: O Lord. How vain

ArtistThe Camerata of London Glenda Simpson Barry Mason
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