Resurrexi! Easter in Vienna with Mozart and the Haydn Brothers

Resurrexi!, recorded in 2021 in the Victorian splendour of Keble College Chapel, celebrates Easter in music – a full mass sequence based around Mozart’s Spaurmesse K. 258, interspersed with plainchant and a treasury of Viennese classical sacred music by Joseph and Michael Haydn. The result offers an imaginary recreation of an opulent service that might have been heard at Vienna’s Stephansdom, or at the Prince-Archbishop of Salzburg’s court.

  1. Marian devotion:  Mozart ‘Regina coeli’ K276
  2. Respond:  Gaude et laetare Virgo Maria (chant)
  3. Introit:  Resurrexi (chant)
  4. Penitential rite and sprinkling:  Vidi aquam (chant)
  5. Kyrie:  Mozart ‘Spaurmesse’ K258
  6. Gloria:  Mozart ‘Spaurmesse’ K258
  7. Gradual:  Haec dies (chant)
  8. Church Sonata:  Mozart K274 in G major
  9. Alleluia:  Pascha nostrum (chant)
  10. Sequenza:  Victimae paschali laudes (chant)
  11. Sequenza:  Michael Haydn ‘Victimae paschali laudes’ MH361
  12. Credo:  Mozart ‘Spaurmesse’ K258
  13. Offertory:  Terra tremuit (chant)
  14. Sanctus: Mozart ‘Spaurmesse’ K258
  15. Benedictus:  Mozart ‘Spaurmesse’ K258
  16. The Lord’s Prayer:  Pater noster (chant)
  17. Agnus Dei:  Mozart ‘Spaurmesse’  K258
  18. Communion:  Pascha nostrum (chant)
  19. Dismissal:  Ite, missa est (chant)
  20. Te Deum:  Joseph Haydn Hob.XXIIIc.1 in C
ArtistsThe Choir of Keble College, Oxford, Instruments of Time and Truth, Paul Brough, Emily Dickens, Rebekah Jones, Philippe Durrant, Graham Kirk
Reviews‘…there is a profound depth and beauty in the exemplary declamation of chants…. And fervent and thrilling singing through the Sequenza to the Te Deum’.

‘The choir has mastered sustained, seamless legato singing; complemented with sensitive accompaniments by the Instruments of Time and Truth, the music is revelatory and rewarding. Voices, brass and reeds, timpani and strings inhabit this Latin liturgy with unaffected brilliance striking gold from the opening Regina Coeli by Mozart to the fervent account of Haydn’s Te Deum at closing’. – The Whole Note

'..this is music that packs a real punch, and Brough’s splendidly buoyant direction is enhanced by the alertness of the singing from the mixed choir, and the immense stylishness of the historically-informed Instruments of Time and Truth' – Europadisc

'Baritone Graham Kirk has a starring role as Cantor, especially impressive in the long chant following Mozart’s “Gloria”... a winning performance of the KV274 Church Sonata...' – The Arts Desk

' enticing opportunity to hear some rarely played music in eager and engaging performances.... Throughout, the impeccably drilled Keble choir and the period players of the Instruments of Time and Truth respond to Paul Brough’s enthusiastic direction...' – Gramophone Magazine

'Fresh, rhythmically alert voices with clear diction and sharply marked dynamics are well matched by crisp, incisive playing that never intrudes or undermines, Brough expertly balancing the ensemble while also drawing out felicitous detail. Each of the soloists, Emily Dickens, Rebekah Jones, Philippe Durrant and Graham Kirk, are uniformly impressive, collectively and individually... Michael Haydn’s buoyantly tuneful 'Victimae paschali laudes'... is performed with suitable brio... [The plainsong is] most beautifully sung, with special mention of Graham Kirk’s velvet baritone. In short, this recording is thoroughly appealing and owes much to the vitality of Brough’s energetic direction.' – David Truslove, Opera Today

'...a delightful selection of Easter Music from Keble College... the singers and orchestra are on top form for this musical offering and Paul Brough leads it all, allowing consummate artistry.... The acoustic quality of the disc is also exceptional…. It’s well-rounded and balanced and comes over excellently... joyous it certainly is... Brough’s opening remarks in the booklet are full of wit and charm and that matches the music on the disc' – Donald Mackenzie, Organists' Review

Essential Listening ‘a delightful CD... excellent programme notes... superbly balanced recording of sprightly singing and playing’ – Church Music Quarterly
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