Scarlatti: Sonatas for Harpsichord

Domenico Scarlatti: Harpsichord Sonatas

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1. Sonata K124 in G major
2. Sonata K99 in C minor
3. Sonata K201 in G major
4. Sonata K87 in B minor
5. Sonata K46 in E major
6. Sonata K95 in C major
7. Sonata K204a in F minor / major
8. Sonata K490 in D major
9. Sonata K491 in D major
10. Sonata K492 in D major
11. Sonata K520 in G major
12. Sonata K521 in G major
13. Sonata K513 in C major

ArtistTrevor Pinnock - harpsichord
Reviews“Without exaggeration, this is one of the most thoroughly enjoyable Scarlatti discs I’ve ever come across. I would simply urge you to go out and buy this disc: the recording matches the playing in excellence.” L/S, The Gramophone – MTA Award Winner
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