Takemitsu: Complete Works for Solo Piano

Complete works for solo piano

1. For away (1973)

Litany in Memory of Michael Vyner (1950-1989)
2. Adagio
3. Lento misterioso

Piano Pieces for Children (1979)
4. Breeze
5. Clouds

Uninterrupted Rests (1952-1959) “after a poem by Shuzo Takiguchi”
6. Slowly, sadly and as if to converse with
7. Quietly and with a cruel reverberation
8. A Song of Love

9. Rain Tree Sketch (1982)
10. Les yeux clos (1989)
11. Piano Distance (1961)
12. Romance (1948/49)
13. Rain Tree Sketch II – In memoriam Oliver Messiaen (1992)
14. Les yeux clos (1979)
15. A vision of Takemitsu (Crossley) (1999)

ArtistPaul Crossley - piano
Review"A generous collection in substance and duration. Paul Crossley is well recorded by Geoff Miles and Crossley himself delivers the rewarding but not abstruse liner essay." Rob Barnett, musicweb-international.com "Music such as this requires a preternatural sensitivity of touch and an acute awareness of dynamic nuance, while the sustaining pedal is almost as important as the keyboard. In all these qualities Crossley seems ideal… Admirers of Takemitsu's music need look no further". BBC Music Magazine
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