To Drive the Cold Winter Away

A fireside presentation of music for merrymaking down the ages.

The instruments featured on the recording were all researched and constructed by the group’s director, John Sothcott and Francis Grubb, who wrote the booklet note and plays the recorder, gittern, rebec, medieval fiddle and percussion on the disc. We also have Ray Attfield as voice, percussion and bells, John Grubb on citole, gittern, lute and percussion, Derek Harrison is the counter-tenor and plays rebec, Rosemary Harrison and Mary Sothcott are the sopranos, John Lawes plays recorders, crumhorn and percussion, Michael Oxenham is on the cornette, recorders, pipe and tabor, crumhorn, curtal and percussion, John White also plays the rebec, Leila Ward plays recorders, crumhorn and shawm, while John Sothcott performs on recorders, rauschpfeife, citole, rebecs and vielles as well as directing.

1. Entry of the Minstrels and Waits
Thoinot Arbeau: Branle de l’official
Piae Cantiones: Pavane ‘Good King Wenceslas’

2. Festivities in the Tavern
The dressed ship
Here we come a wassailing
Green Garters

3. A Medieval Holiday
English C12th: Edi beo thu
Italian C14th: Salterello
French C13th: Alle (psallite cum) luya
13th Century (Cantigas of King Alfonso the Wise): Rosa das rosas
English C13th: Ductia
English C15th: As I lay
Italian 14th Century: La Manfredina

4. Festivities at the Manor
Sothcott: Fanfare
Trad: All hail to the days
Dowland: Captain Digorie Piper’s Galliard
Praetorius: Peasant dances
Trad: I saw three ships
Trad: God rest you merry, gentlemen

5. To entertain a King
Praetorius: Fire dance
Praetorius: Stepping dance
Praetorius: Windmills
Praetorius: Village dance
Dowland: King of Denmark’s Galliard
Praetorius: Sailor’s dance
Praetorius: Fishermen’s dance
Praetorius: Festive march

ArtistSt. George’s Canzona Directed by John Sothcott
Reviews“This disc is an outright winner.” Michael Greenhalgh, Records and Recordings.
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