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Welcome to CRD Records Working withworld-class classical music artistsand delighting listeners since 1975 Search our Catalogue Our catalogue spans 800 years of repertoire, from solo instrument and voice to full orchestra.  We can offer speedy classical searches and licensing.  License Latest releases Virtuoso Harpsichord Music In her debut album, Melody Lin offers splendid musical fireworks, …

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CRD Publishing

CRD Publishing Supporting the evolution of classical repertoire At CRD, we believe as much in the classical canon as we do in its reinterpretation, evolution and expansion. To this end, we are delighted to now enter the publishing side of the music industry. Here are the arrangers and composers (many of whom are also artists) …

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Classical music Mozart’s canons, Maya Magub


Maya Magub is joined by string players spread across 3 continents to offer a fresh performance of Telemann’s Canonic Sonatas and Mozart’s rich contributions to the form, heard here in recording firsts for strings.

Nostalgia for a bygone era – a selection of music for memories

Classical music creates and conjures up memories. It can trigger very personal journeys of (self-)discovery and reflection. Katey, a psychology student from the University of Surrey, shares her ‘nostalgia for a bygone era’ playlist and explains her choices. Ave Maria had to come first. Liebeslied then sets the tone for the rest of the playlist …

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Consolations by Maya Magub

Consolations: Liszt Six Consolations and other reflective pieces for violin and piano

The album completes Liszt’s six Consolations with new transcriptions by Maya Magub to complement the famous ‘Lento Placido’ arranged by Nathan Milstein. With extraordinary key and mood contrasts, each piece now sits within the whole, as Liszt intended. Milstein’s transcription, in the middle of the set, is now framed as in Liszt’s original, to greater emotional impact. These works move from profound simplicity to virtuosic turbulence and wistful charm.

Complementing the set of ‘Consolations’, Magub and Huang bring together other well-known reflective musical gems to offer consolation of some form. Many of their choices were inspired by audience favourites from performances for UK-based charity Everyone Matters, which funds life-enriching concerts in care homes and hospices. When combined, the emotional weight of these pieces is  even greater. The performers, too, drew great consolation from their programme and the ability to communicate with an audience despite the creative restrictions of pandemic lockdowns.

Magub and Huang recorded the album separately in lockdown, with much creative dialogue and experimentation between them. New possibilities afforded by the necessity of recording separately encouraged musical freedom and risk-taking, as well as the opportunity to create the immediacy of a small, intimate concert through close microphone placement. Out of this process emerges a true collaboration and an album which Magub and Huang hope will bring consolation to many people.


Featured Artists Classical music has been around for centuries, and it continues to captivate and inspire listeners today.  At the heart of this genre are the talented artists who bring the music to life. These individuals have dedicated themselves to mastering their instruments and interpreting the works of great composers from different eras. The musicians …

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The Duos for Violin and Viola by Mozart & Michael Haydn

Outstanding performances by Maya Magub and Judith Busbridge of Michael Haydn’s (brother of Joseph) four duos for violin and viola, with the two composed as a favour by his friend, W A Mozart, when Michael Haydn had become too ill to complete the original commission for the six duos.

Telemann: 12 Fantasias for Solo Violin

Maya Magub’s accounts confirm her musical allegiances in both modern and period camps – she uses a modified c.1760 Gagliano violin tuned to modern concert pitch, a relatively modern bow, a combination of gut and metal strings and a mixture of Baroque and contemporary performing practices. She brings to these intricate miniatures an aristocratic poise, and her technical command, extempore ornamentation and flexibility of pulse admirably capture the improvisatory character of each. She also commands a powerful dynamic range and uses vibrato sparingly, producing a varied palette of tonal colours.

This recording sheds new light on these much neglected gems of the solo violin repertoire. Maya Magub brings her experience of older performance style to this essentially modern recording. The works are miniature character pieces brimming with Baroque charm, lyricism and virtuosity displaying Telemann at his best.

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